We’re helping develop the next generation of insulators by providing opportunities for Apprentices.

Kandrea Plans for Apprentices

Apprenticeship is an essential steppingstone for those interested in pursuing a rewarding career in the insulation trade. Encouraging our employees to become ticketed journeymen benefits the individual, the company and our clients alike.

Kandrea is committed to encouraging our employees to register in the Apprentice Program and provide a flexible environment that supports apprenticeship training.

There are several advantages available to those who pursue their apprenticeship as employees of Kandrea Insulation:

  • We are a member of the Merit Contractors Association. Being a member provides our employees with tuition reimbursement benefits. Kandrea pays the tuition directly and receives a reimbursement from Merit.
  • We sponsor and pay the registration fee for the application process for registering as an apprentice.
  • We cultivate a culture that promotes apprenticeship training, and provides employees with the time off away from work to attend technical training.
  • We operate with two separate pay scales, one for ticketed and registered apprentices and one for non-ticket and non-registered apprentices to help financially motivate employees to become ticketed journeyman.
  • We actively promote and educate our employees on the bursaries available through the government for attending technical training and becoming ticketed journeyman.