Kandrea Insulation manufactures and installs self framing metal buildings and utilidor anywhere in Western Canada.

Built for efficiency.

Kandrea has been providing self framing metal buildings and utilidor to clients since 1995. We can provide building solutions for virtually any application in the Western Canadian Energy sector.

Kandrea Insulation has a 10,000 square foot self framing manufacturing facility located in Alberta. Utilizing Bradbury state of the art equipment Kandrea Insulation can custom build a range of self framing buildings varying in size and color. These buildings can be shipped to site pre-assembled or as a package for field erection. Building applications include; Accommodation, Compressor, Electrical, Laboratory, MCC, Office, Process, Pump Skid Packages, & Telecommunications.

Our building solutions are manufactured to comply with the following CSA certifications:

  • CSA A660 Certification of Manufacturers of Steel Building Systems